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Guest post at PaLA CRD blog

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If you’re so inclined, I have a guest post up over at the Pennsylvania Library Association College & Research Division blog It’s Academic:

Partying, neighborhoods, friends, tribes and networking,  it all comes down to people and the power we have to make or break situations, organizations, conferences and the like. If you’ve ever questioned the importance of professional organizations (either at the national level like the American Library Association or the local level like the Pennsylvania Library Association), it might be that you’re tipping the scales in the wrong direction. Getting involved is not only about the structured learning opportunities these organizations provide. It’s about gathering people together who have shared goals, experiences and passions to see what ignites… (read more)

In other news, I am going (mostly) offline for the next week on a vacation to Vermont with two other librarian friends. I think Melissa kicked it off on a good note:



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July 8, 2011 at 12:14 PM

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