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Inspiration Pad Giveaway Winner!

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Thanks to all of the 18 people who left comments on my last post for a giveaway drawing of an Inspiration Pad!

And the winner is….

The very first commenter, Rachel!

Blast, I really wanted the kitten. I’d say that the thing that inspires me most is music. There are billions of songs and you can always find something to suit your mood. Because of my music background, I’m more likely to notice unique chord changes or quirky melody ideas. So, yeah, that’s my inspiration.

I totally agree, and music is always an inspiration to me. So, Rachel needs to email me because she didn’t leave an email address and then I can mail your package to you next week 🙂

But oh, what is this?! ANOTHER BONUS GIVEAWAY YOU SAY?!! I was so pleased with all of your inspirational comments that I decided to give another inspiration pad away (you lucky bastards!). The winner of this one is….

The eleventh commenter, rachemus! Hmm… its very freaky that the random number generator chose two people with Rachel names… weird!

I’m inspired by vintage typesets, clean design, smart and funny writing, and vegan cookbooks.

Yes! Again, I agree. I just took a class in the spring where I got to set type and it was so much fun. Very relaxing. Rachemus should email me with her contact info so I can pass this little item along. Thanks again to everyone who commented! If I don’t hear from either of the winners by Wednesday (August 11th) we’ll redo the random number generator and find new winners.


Written by Erin Dorney

August 7, 2010 at 1:21 PM

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