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15 days left for PaLA Award nominations!

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2009 New Librarian Award recipient Molly Krichten with her former director, Roberta Greene, who won the same award in 1983!

Last year, Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) President Margie Stern snagged me up to be the Awards Committee Chair. So for the past few months I have been assembling an amazing team and working to publicize the PaLA awards. I’m not sure how many readers I have from Pennsylvania, but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that there are only 15 days left to send in your nominations!

The PaLA presents six different awards to librarians and library supporters throughout the state at the Annual Conference. This is your chance to recognize that new librarian on the block, your outstanding public library trustee, an elected official who has advocated for libraries in hard times, or any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to libraries in PA during the last five years. You can even honor a library that has consistently encouraged its support staff to participate in career development by nominating them for the Library Support Staff Recognition Award!


  • Distinguished Service Award: Highest award the associate gives. It may be awarded annually to one person in recognition of exceptional meritorious service to libraries of the Commonwealth.
  • Certificates of Merit: These are awarded to individuals making outstanding contributions during the last five years in Pennsylvania.
  • Elected Official Award: This award may be given annually to an elected official or officials for exemplary support of library service in Pennsylvania.
  • New Librarian Honors Award: Honors a librarian who has been in the profession fewer than six years. It recognizes the originality and inventive ability of a new librarian who devises new and improved methods in library service on a statewide or local level.
  • Trustee of the Year Award: Presented to a public library trustee in recognition of outstanding leadership and service to library development at the local, system, district, and/or state level.
  • Library Support Staff Recognition Award: This award is presented to a library that has consistently encouraged and supported participation in career development activities, particularly those of PaLA for the support staff in Pennsylvania libraries. Nominations should be in the form of a statement of the library’s activities. (A little clarification on this award: It is presented to a library not to a staff member. Does your library provide you with opportunities to develop your library skills through continuing education opportunities? Does your library allow you to attend PaLA conferences and Chapter Meetings as a Support Staff member? Does your library provide you with opportunities to take classes on library related activities or in areas which you can use on the job? Then tell us how that support helps you on your job and give a little recognition to your library.

The nomination deadline is August 15th. It’s super easy, and a great way to recognize colleagues and library advocates who have contributed to the success of libraries here in Pennsylvania. You can complete the online nomination form or the PDF form (and then email or snail mail it to me). Check out the list of previous award recipients!

Feel free to send me any questions or visit our Facebook event for a few FAQs. If you’re from PA, I hope you’ll send in a nomination (or five)! And no, I cannot accept a nomination for myself, so this is not a thinly-veiled call for my peeps to send me props. There are tons of dedicated, hardworking, inspirational people out there who deserve to be recognized. DO it!

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