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ALA 2009 – Monday & Tuesday

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Monday morning started bright and early with an 8AM meeting of the ACRL 
Component Committee. We hashed out a bunch ‘o stuff, including some basic track/theme thoughts and the possibility of some kind of unconference/lightning talk/lightning question/battle deck type activity at ACRL 2011. Then I worked with my co-chair for a little bit on some of the basics we need to work on over the next few months.

Following the meeting I took the bus back to the conference center and met up with the rest of my EL team. We did a brief presentation on our millennial survey to the ALA Chapter Relations Committee. I think it went over very well, and the audience asked lots of great questions. I am really hoping that we can answer some of them when the team puts together a white paper regarding the survey outcomes. I think the results will be useful to ALA, state library associations and probably even any professional association that is dealing with the influx of “millennials” into their organization.

Then I had the opportunity to staff the New Members Roundtable booth in the exhibit hall. It was a different experience to be on the “exhibitor” position in the exhibit hall, instead of walking around talking to vendors. I liked explaining NMRT to the people who stopped by the booth, and met a lot of library school students who were interested in joining up (it’s only $10!).  Then it was back to the hotel and off to dinner. We went to Joe’s Seafood and Steak House. It was pretty fancy! I tried Joe’s Famous Scallops with a side of asparagus and Melissa let me try some of her stone crabs. They were pretty good. I would have to say that this was one of the disappointing dinners we had – it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe I ordered that wrong thing. The food was just too heavy for me.

Tuesday was our last day in Chicago, but it was one of the best! I got to sleep in, volunteered at the NMRT booth again for another hour, and walked through the exhibit hall to see all of the attendees scrambling for the best book deals. Melissa met me at the conference center and we walked to a place nearby and had some Chicago deep dish pizza! I honestly don’t remember what else we did during the day…  until we hit up the Chicago Diner (do you see a pattern here? Food, food, food! But lots of walking, too!). It’s vegetarian and mostly vegan. I had a peak organic pomegranate wheat ale and the asian sesame salad with marinated tofu. It was superb! Melissa had the avacado tostadas and a slice of the chocolate chip cookie dough cake/pie. She kindly shared lots of tasty bites!

Asian Sesame Salad

After dinner we walked over to Metro to see Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. It was such a great show! Last time I saw Oberst he was playing acoustic in Rochester, and this show schooled that. So much jamming and singing! A most excellent way to end my first trip to Chicago. I got a poster and lugged it all the way back on the plane with me. It’s sitting in the corner waiting to be framed 🙂

The flight home was fine and then I spent  four days camping to detox from all of the library-ness. This is why I am just catching up on email and blog posts now – these were the boring ALA ones. I plan at least one more going more in depth about my overall thoughts/experiences at my first ALA Annual. So keep a lookout!


Written by Erin Dorney

July 22, 2009 at 9:41 AM

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