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Book Review: Lost by Cathy Ostlere.

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“Lost is the inaugural and award-winning novel of creative non-fiction from Cathy Ostlere. What began as a collection of poems has spiraled into a full-fledged lyrical journey describing the grief of losing a sibling.

David and Sarah, Ostlere’s brother and his girlfriend, go missing on the Atlantic during a 1200-mile journey from the coast of Ireland to the island of Madeira. Lost invites readers along to witness Ostlere’s heartbreaking memories of her brother’s upbringing, unique personality, and beloved place within numerous families. Such a great loss subsequently leads Ostlere to carefully examine her own life choices, including her land-bound duties as a wife and mother. Written with honesty and style, Lost is sure to strike a compelling chord with any brother or sister.”

-Erin Dorney, August 2008

Many thanks to Mini Book Expo for Bloggers and Key Porter Books for giving me the opportunity to read this superb work!


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August 31, 2008 at 10:58 PM

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