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Book Review: Minus The Imple by Robert Chandler.

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Today I had the pleasure of finishing a book written by my mentor and colleague Bob Chandler. His novel has been years in the making, and I have seen firsthand the many struggles he has overcome to hone this work for public consumption. Below is my review, which I am also posting to his blog. I urge everyone to download or purchase the book, which has won a prime position on my bookshelf.  Congratulations Bob, on a job very well done.

Minus The Imple is a book about the pleasure of living and the importance of self-worth. The inaugural novel and fictionalized true story of Robert R. Chandler explores the growth of a boy destined to experience both heartbreak and overwhelming happiness. Throughout the course of first loves, sexual trysts, college inebriation, marriage, and divorce, readers are swept along on a journey of self-discovery rarely initiated by most. Describing a finely crafted tale of phenomenal experiences, Chandler invites readers to question their souls, their strengths, their weaknesses and everything in between. To quote the gifted author: “It’s simple, really…” Recommended for public and academic libraries, as well as anyone searching for perspective on the harsh but joyous realities of life.

-Erin Dorney, May 2008


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May 9, 2008 at 4:33 AM

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