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Making Their Web 2.0 Space an Information Literacy Space

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Conference Booklet Description: “This presentation highlights an innovative collaboration that utilized course blogs to incorporate information literacy as an integral and assessable component of three math/computer science courses. Blogs provided a unique environment where the instruction librarian extended interaction with students beyond the traditional instruction sessions and enhanced student/librarian relationships in a friendly, approachable manner. At the same time, librarian and classroom instructors partnered on research assignments, commented on student work and shared their respective expertise in the virtual environment. This Web 2.0 tool, which was free and easy to use, spoke to the “social network” generation in terms they understood.”

My Thoughts: This session was basically about a math professor who collaborated with a librarian to create a blog for multiple math classes. Students were asked to utilize the blog for class assignments, reading and responding to each others projects and comments. It was determined by the presenters that blogs allow for further student/faculty interaction. By extending this contact zone, the math professor effectively brought the librarian into the classroom. Blogs, new threaded discussion tools, are one way to reach what was termed in the session as “the millennial student,” offering opportunities to continually revise work.

The two presenters have put together a wiki located here that includes the more information.


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June 14, 2007 at 3:30 PM

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